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Momentum Students Serve Community

Aug 25, 2023

Momentum Youth Conference hosted more than 2,000 students and leaders for their week-long conference, which was held at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Ind., from July 18–23. During the week, dozens of groups went out into the community to serve in a variety of ways.

“Momentum’s goal of sending students into the community is twofold,” said Trey Storr, ministry opportunity coordinator. “First, it has an impact on students by showing them that they are able to begin serving now. They don’t need to wait until they are older to make a difference for the name of Jesus. More importantly, Momentum is able to have a great impact on the ministries near Marion, Ind. Our vision is to do physical labor (such as landscaping, painting, organizing, and cleaning) so that nonprofit ministries can spend more time serving people. These ministries already have relationships with people in their community, and we are able to fill needs so that they can spend more time serving those people.”

Some of the projects the groups did were yard work at a Christian summer camp and retreat center, painting dorm rooms at a local rescue mission, deep cleaning the YMCA gymnasium, working on Habitat for Humanity projects, helping with food organization and distribution at a food bank, and gardening at a ministry farm.

“Students were really excited to serve the community near Marion,” said Trey. “They were able to see the impact that their gifts have on others, and it was really cool to give them that opportunity.”

Each day around 10 groups went out to different locations, totaling 761 students out on mission during the week.