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The Brethren Governor–Who Knew?

Mar 30, 2005

Todd Scoles, senior associate pastor of the Northwest Chapel Grace Brethren Fellowship in Dublin, Ohio, recently unearthed this little factoid.

In 1870, the Pennsylvania Brethren Sunday School came up with a plan to encourage children to memorize verses. A red card was to be given for each verse memorized and a blue card when ten verses had been learned.

One eight-year-old boy in the James Creek congregation earned an impressive set of cards by reciting 145 verses on a single Sunday morning.

The boy later became the first Brethren to earn a Ph.D. and served as Governor of Pennsylvania from 1915-1919. That precocious little person who tests the patience of your elementary workers might become the next Martin Grove Brumbaugh. (Source: The Brethren Encyclopedia, 1983.)