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David Ogden Update–Doing Better

Dec 23, 2004

This PRAISE! update, dated December 21st, on Pastor Dave Ogden is from his father, Russ:

“When we arrived [at the hospital] on Friday, we didn’t know if [Dave] would live or die. He has several blood clots in his left leg (not the right one which was injured).

On Saturday the doctor implanted a filter in the vein that sends blood from his leg to his lungs to block large blood clots from reaching his lungs, or heart, or brain. He came through the procedure well.”

On Sunday David was much improved. Monday, they were able to take him off the respirator, most of the tubes, and stop the sedatives. By mid-afternoon they propped up the head of his bed, lowered the foot so he was partially sitting, and taking some nourishment. His mind is sharp and he is able to talk.

Today, Tuesday (Dec. 21), he will start therapy and probably be moved out of ICU to a regular room. His surgeon says he will be back to work in about six weeks. Praise God!”