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Hawaii Grandfather Shepherds His Athletic Family

Dec 30, 2004

Today’s Honolulu Star-Bulletin carries a story about Randall Senas, a grandfather from the Waipio Grace Brethren Church in Mililani, Hawaii (David Mitchell, pastor), who serves as a mentor and father-figure for a group of unusually talented athletic grandchildren. Here is a short excerpt from the article — to read the entire story click here. (Star-Bulletin photo)

Shuttling through traffic from one field to another, for practices and games, has a way of sapping a man’s battery. Every Sunday, Randall Senas and his tribe of grandchildren march into Waipio Grace Brethren Church.

Granda sits in the pews and gets recharged.

He worries about his grandkids, and especially Chustin, the oldest boy. “I try to keep him focused on teamwork, not individual things,” Grandpa said. “I tell him to stay away from things that harm your body.” . . .

. . . Grandpa commutes from Mililani to Mapunapuna daily, where he is a purchaser for Rasko Supplies. Then he heads wherever his grandchildren are playing.

They may disagree about things, but Chustin knows one fact about his grandfather. “You can always count on him to be there,” he said.

Grandpa doesn’t like being there. He loves being there. “This is what I was looking forward to. I don’t mind the running around,” he said.Posted by Hello